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Have you ever wondered what the inside of the VW Diesel injector pump looked like? Here are some pictures of a disassembled VW diesel injector pump.
Here is the inside of the top cover of the pump. This can be replaced with the turbo top for boost enrichment.
Here is the throttle shaft. (Yes, it's upside down...) This is one of the most common sources of a leaks on the VW injection pump. It is a relatively simple fix, too.
Here is the governor for the injector pump. It is remarkably simple. It is either on or off. It is off in this picture, meaning it isn't doing any thing.
Here is a picture of the governor when it is doing its job. Notice that it has pushed the black rod out, and it will take over the throttle. The throttle has springs that the governor will stretch. I had a cummins disel truck engine with a faulty governer. The truck had a top speed of under 60mph, so the governer was always being engaging. Sometimes it would get stuck on, and wouldn't disengage until I let off the throttle. The engine actually stalled out once. In my opinion, the governor isn't really needed, and can be removed if you want more RPM's or it is giving you problems.
Rotor, Throttle, Governor.
Here is the timing advance mechanism. The Cam Disk rides on 4 rollers. Only one roller is shown. The timing advance mechanism rotates the 4 rollers and affects the start of injection. The throttle affects the end of injection.

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